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These are the songs I consider to finish and release. I would like to select 8 and I want them to be a bit in the same style (a bit of ska/punk and alt rock with some twists)… and I wouldn’t mind if there is a small hit single in one of those as well 🙂 lol

When all is right (when I did it right…) you should be able to hear all the songs by clicking on the arrow in the top left, without having a soundcloud username. If it doesn’t work, let me know…

Really appreciate your ears and taste in this, lief!!

  1. I Wish (written in 2006 or so) – this an old recording, hope you can hear “though” this (meaning that I hope you can hear if the song would be fitting, in a new recording – basically, this applies to all “demo” and old recordings)

2. Yoyo Man (2006) – this song I am working on these days to make a proper version of it

3. Welcome to the night of Broken Promises (2006/2007) – about breaking promises to yourself 😉

4. Bad things (2021) – one of your songs 🙂 , this production is nearly good to go

5. Forgot to tell me (2021) – one that you’ve heard already, this recording too is nearly final (maybe I will make a version without the long intro…)

6. Hands of luck (2021) – just a song about feeling happy and full of faith in the future. More like a demo recording.

7. All about you (2021) – I made the music originally to test my new guitar… actually don’t know if these lyrics make any sense (lol), and they need to be finished (as well as the recording)

8. One more night (1989) – an oldie 🙂 recored 6 years back, so rework is needed here.

9. Great Together (2018) – a happy, punkish song, also more demo yet.

10. Guts (2010) – a song about my father (hence the picture..). An old recording and more of a demo still.

11. Fear lasts just a moment (2019) – a song inspired by a dutch song, from which I stole the main chorus line 😉 and created a new story around it.

12. Whispering from the top of my lungs (2006) – song about desire and forbidden or impossible love 😉 This is also more a demo version and I still want to cut some parts and reshuffle things a bit (the instrumental intro longer and deleting the 2nd verse and make the instrumental part in between shorter). Somehow (and to my surprise) this song appeals to some people even though its definitely not a “hit” 😉

13. Taking in it slow (2021) – your first song 🙂 still need to correct some things in the timing…

14. One of the boys (2021) – another one of your songs 🙂 still needs to be finished as a song, but it always gives me a good vibe 🙂

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