Soon I Panic’s first original song will be released (with video)

Pretty excited – and a hell of a lot of work – that my first original song will be released shortly. Aiming for the end of January 2021 “I’m Here in the Fridge” will be out on the online platforms, to be followed by an animated video of the song, likely in the midst of February.

The song basically tells the story of someone being locked away in a refrigerator (yes, muses are not always into serious and deep stuff :), which got a whole new meaning since the lockdowns recently entered all our lives… However, it’s an uptempo kinda catchy song (and a funny one IMHO).

Next to this being my first original song to be released, it will also the first time I will appear in an animated movie (yet still in the process)…making this whole adventure even more exciting (and slightly scary to be honest). Sharing the first (and yet, only) picture of the animated me here with you, only adds to that ?

Stay safe, stay tuned,

best, Marcel

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