Who is I Panic

“.. A good song doesn’t care whether it’s played by a rock band, just on a single guitar, or with a full orchestra. The song remains..” (Sir Paul McCartney). I Panic is a lifelong search to create such a song. To tell a story, express a feeling, or both

I Panic is an alternative rock band formed in 1987 by Dutch singer and multi-instrumentalist Marcel van Tetering. Founded initially as a band, Marcel retained the name as a solo project to write, arrange and record his songs. 

After years of songwriting and recording his music as home demos, besides playing piano, guitar, and singing in various bands, he finally gave up the idea of reviving I Panic as a “real” band but adapted the concept of being a one-man-band and turned the home demo’s in proper productions.

As a self-taught composer and performer, Marcel’s diverse musical influences led him to create music that is sometimes difficult to categorize. He has explored a number of different styles, but his music is best described as alternative rock with a touch of theatre. Finding inspiration from a range of artists from Tom Waits, Cole Porter, Randy Newman, and Jacques Brel to David Bowie, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Fischer-Z, and R.E.M.

For I Panic the lyrics of the songs are just as important as the music. Lyrics should be like storytelling and a good story feeds on the tension of not knowing what will happen. Marcel turns daily life events into songs like catchy little stories with a hinge for irony.

With the release of the first original songs in 2021 a new and exciting episode for I Panic starts.

I Panic 1987