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Artist I Panic Has Proved His Creative Genius with His Melodious Track ‘I Will Never’

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With A Combination of Emotion and Creativity, I Panic is Offering Its Latest Single ‘The Smile Is Gone’

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Dutch One-Man Band I Panic’s New Alternative Song ‘Kill The Dog’ Inspires The Audience With Its Melodic Charm

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Join the Ultimate Alternative Rock Musical Journey with I Panic and the Latest Release ‘I’m Here In The Fridge’

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I’m Here in the Fridge

Airi rated it  ★5

This single I’m Here in the Fridge by the artist I Panic is a beautiful song. Its rhythm is awesome and original. And the lyrics are amazing. This single is very Well done. We are sure that our listeners will love this song. We appreciate the trust and the oportunity to help the artist to spread his work by Adding this song in our best playlist of indie music. We hope to continues receiving songs from this artist in the future. Congratulations I Panic. Your song is really nice.

UNI rated it  ★4

The melody is nice and tuneful. The instruments used really sounds an indie and it has energetic and upbeat vibe that fits my indie playlist. Lyrically, the phrases are creative and poetic. Overall your song is good. You really perform the song well. Keep it up a good work.

A big hard hitting rocker with some nice youthful energy and a bit of a punk rock spirit. Well delivered.

Decade of the Clown

Bastian rated it  ★5

I think the concept of the clown and his composition is great, musically the voice sounds very good, it reminds me of Bowie, for the voice and the concepts he used in his music, the extravagant but great drums like the guitar, the bass gives its play with everything together, i think he is a great artist. I Panic must have things that I would like to hear!

Geraldine rated it  ★4

An interestingly composed track that has a theatrical essence. This creative work of art is timely paced and lyrically heightens the imagination. The artist’s distinctive vocals convey the mood of the track. The fascinating musical accompaniment is very befitting of the concept of the track.

Gimme Your Money

A cool gritty theatrical classic rock sound with some really smart production and even some ska under the surface there with the guitars. Well produced.