Decade of the Clown

A political fairytale about kings and fools, starting with “once upon a time” as all fairytales do. However, not ending in a “happily ever after”… During a long car trip, I heard a song on the radio containing the word “king”, followed by “fool” within minutes (though it could have been a different song ). Somehow these two words were the start of a story on the rise of populist politicians, called Decade of the Clown.

Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, in office or out, is purely coincidental and only in your imagination.

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Em	G	F#
Bm		8x

Bm				Em
Once upon a time, things were simple 
F#				Bm
The king was there to rule
Em				Bm
And to keep the king sane and sound 
The king had the king’s fool 

Bm	F#	Em	G	F#

The fool he would crack a joke 
Or make fun of the authority 
To prevent the king from dwelling in power 
It was how things were meant to be 

Em				Bm
But then the fool thought he could rule 
Em				Bm
That he should wear the crown 
Em	G	Bm	Bm7/a		G
God have mercy on our souls
We’re in the decade of the clown

The people that used to laugh 
Didn’t see the smiles turn into smirks 
Believed the clowns for what they said 
Declared the kings to be jerks 

	And then the  fools knew they could rule 
	That they could wear the crown 
	God have mercy on our souls 
	We’re in the decade of the clown 

The fools used to be wise 
In his jokes you’d find the truth 
But since the clown became kings 
Food for thought’s just food 


When we allow the fools to rule 
When you give the fool a crown
God have mercy on our souls

God have mercy on our ignorant souls 
We’re in the decade of the clown

Bm	2x
Bm	Em F# 	 Bm7 

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